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360º horizontal line output
SM3 Full Length Light Bars
SM3 Full Length Light Bars

Cover the top of your response/emergency vehicle with an eye squinting, ultra-bright, pulsating LED light, from full size light bars that are 600mm to 2300mm in length. Thru Rainbow’s full length light bars are powerful, versatile, and 100% waterproof with 4 Head LED modules available upon request.


Our aerodynamic design full length light bars are available in take-down and alley lights, plain or with signage, and has 360° visibility! When you need a whole lot of bright, high-intensity light that is a pulsating beacon on the darkest and rainiest of nights, then the Thru Rainbow full size light bar is your only choice!



  • Power Supply Voltage: 10 - 24V
  • Designed for use in  vehicles
  • Length: 1.2M (520  –  to 2200 mm if required)
  • 10 x 3 or 4LED modules light(extra LED on request)
  • Brackets for easy mounting
  • Control box
  • Flasher pattern: Yes
  • 3 M light bar cable/harness
  • 2 M Control box cable/harness
  • Can be built to house 100W speaker (41004) and/or amplifier (41001/41002)
  • SAE certified top quality LED’s.
  • No form of atmospheric charge can interfere with LED’s.
  • With correct installation practices, the light can withstand the toughest road conditions.
  • Multiple colour combinations of LED modules and lenses available: Amber, Blue, Green, Red & White
  • Available with TR DECO (Alley/Take-down Lights) and/or signage.
  • Signage available to show company name or vehicle number. Available in a variety of colours.